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Thursday 14th of December 2017 11:51:59 AM

I'm Dan Cruzat, a web developer and user experience strategist in Portland OR. For more than three years I have been the development half of E+C, honored colleague & fellow freelancer Christine Ellsworth is the design side. I also contract with various creative agencies and SAAS providers, I am always open to a conversation.

Primarily, I'm a front end web talent, my strongest languages are HTML, CSS, JQuery and PHP. I'm solid in JavaScript. I've specialized in WordPress development since 2011, but haven't been married to any tech since Flash (and that marriage ended... not so well). These days I try to write more than I write code, and I can't stop clackin.

* * brief * *

I was born born on Jupiter, but I am "from" Chicago, I've been in Portland since late 2006. I spent my adolescent years in Evanston IL, also responsible for the Pivens, the Cusacks, Donald Rumsfeld and Charleston Heston (Evanston WHAT). Chicago is a very large city with a lot of aggression and corruption, Portland is a smaller city with a youthful and flighty personality. Environment is an inevitable factor in character.

1st piece of vinyl I ever bought myself. Still have it. Cremate it with me, the rest are yours.

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In former lives, I've been a producer/composer of hip hop and weird, an engineer of audio, a prankster in life insurance, a most loathesome breed of telemarketer, a binder of books, a jockey of cd/dvd replication, a walker of dogs (and scooper of poops), an animator of Flash (and looper of loops), a pusher of vacuums, lawnmowers and vitamin supplements, and as a Distinguished Fellow of Assemblies with the John Hardy Company of Evanston IL, maker of the world's finest digital microphone pre-amplifier, the JHC-M1.

Let's start there.

* * heroes * *

John Hardy is a different kind of animal. Autodidacts are those who can self-teach in the true sense of the word, meaning doing the necessary research and self-directed learning that is actually effective to gaining understanding, practical application and real-world result. People have it to various degrees, but John might be the strongest damn self-Shaolin I have ever met. He came up off studio engineer work and equipment repair, learned electronics to a (not obsessive but) strong degree (luv ya J), and built a company that owns its corner of the market. You would hurt people for his client list and his old buddies in the game are legends you embarass yourself on meeting. John remains a solid street level cat in Evanston, still active in business and community. He's still up in them cafes, sippin them lattes...

I would also like to acknowledge the Heise family of Evanston IL, for providing me with my first job in the coolest bookstore a twelve year old ever stepped into. Tiger will always be the man, and I would never come at dude with anything but correct change. Kenan Heise is a recognized writer, but also put together a great company that included room for branch business development, resulting in a stylized hybrid reading and browsing space. A mix of Chicago political/gangster history and a museum to all things science fiction, each having appropriate shelves, books and display items (not for sale, please ask before handling). I mostly worked on credit and I still have a ridic library from those days. The shop is now in memory only but remains a cornerstone inspiration.

* * crafts * *

I got my first piece of music sampling software in 1992 and became obsessed with collecting little pieces of sound. 96 had me with a 4-track and 98 plugged me in with MIDI. I spent my college years running in the insanity of indie rap in Chicago. In the course of my beatmaker / sample-crazy days I went through crates of cassettes, tapes, reels, and thousands upon thousands vinyl records. I've used plenty of hardware over the years, my all time favorite sampler is the Akai MPC 2500. Mine is named Vader. And yeah I'll still rap a bit but only if you're buying drinks.

Sampling is an odd artform that chose me. At the age of 20, I was introduced to PhotoShop and the same principles I had learned in the realm of audio translated to visuals. I repurpose, rearrange, reconfigure and realign. The craft exists in the appropriation of found objects, the art is in pushing the tranformation until the source is lost and the piece gains its own identity.

Writing has always been part of it, and I'm trying to do more of it. Cmon Google, cmon Bing, come through and scan all of it. Get at me Skynet. I'll put up a ton of self indulgent garbage and you'll clone me into some Cylon pseudo heaven. Together we'll enslave the unclean unconverted masses and create a new Eden full of quasi-literate nerds.

* * randos * *

I am on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. There is also a work blog and a pro portfolio if you have interest in any of that mess.

Remembrance of the Daleks is the best one ever. Ever. I am also a massive fan of Earthshock and Genesis of the Daleks. Wu Tang Forever and Beats, Rhymes and Life were both misunderstood as individuated followups to iconic albums. Capaldi is the best of the new ones. That lead on Orphan Black is a chameleon.

I am a moderate-to-insanely busy human but would love to hear from you. Be patient if it takes me a little while to get back to you. :D

Aut viam inveniam aut faciam. We remain.



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